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If you want to give back some special items like, for example, some stolen pieces of art – well, you’re probably almost 15 years too late. The well-known Saliera, created by Benvenuto Cellini, was stolen from Vienna’s Art History Museum in May 2003, and came back to Mama in January 2006.

Meisterwerke und Lieblingsstücke / Saliera

After it was stolen, the original website was built to get the Saliera back. So, whoever stumbles upon this site so many years later: Maybe you want to have a look around. If you understand the german language you’ll find a lot of information on our work and our true crime podcast „Wiener Blut“, which started in January 2020. Episode 4 covered the thrilling and somewhat funny case of the Saliera’s theft. In the future, there’ll probably be some more english content, maybe even some english podcast(s). (Well, we could do the Saliera-Episode in english, to make a start!)

But for the moment, let’s just say: Thanks for visiting! You can rate the idea for this website and our podcast „Wiener Blut“ at Apple Podcasts. Thanks for that.

If you live in Vienna or step by sometime in the future, send us a message. Maybe we can go for a coffee and you tell us about your favourite criminal cases.

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